5 Uses for Dedicated Servers

When many hear the term “dedicated server”, they tend to picture data centers housing massive machines used by large companies for their huge infrastructures. While that is certainly a valid use of the term, it does not fully reflect the wide range of uses for dedicated servers. Small and medium business and even individuals make use of dedicated servers for a variety of purposes.

1. Web server – Perhaps the most obvious, this type of server connects your websites to the web. While smaller sites may be fine with shared hosting accounts, sites that receive a great deal of traffic need their own dedicated servers.

2. Backup server – Whether you use it to backup your office data, personal information, or websites, a dedicated backup server is an invaluable tool that can save you from the horror of losing precious data.

3. Private cloud – While this term has a variety of possible meanings, one increasingly popular usage is a cloud service that operates within your data center but is managed and updated by the cloud service provider.

4. Database server – You may only need a server for a very specific use, and having a reliable database storage system is one of them. This is beneficial for both websites and networked applications.

5. Application server – Business apps in particular are increasingly switching to web-based interfaces to make it easier for customers to access their information on a variety of devices and platforms. It also makes updating much easier by eliminating the need for client-side apps or terminal servers.