Benefits of a Colocation Server

A colocation server is a one that is owned by a business but resides in the premises of a hosting company. The business pays a rent to the hosting company. At times, even a hosting company can offer you a server on rent.

So, how different is a colocation server from a dedicated one? A colocation server is a dedicated server that is completely owned by a business. It is maintained remotely, in the premises of a web hosting company.

Wondering how such a server benefits a business? Let’s find out.

  • A colocation server ensures high availability of your websites. It provides a highly reliable service.
  • Colocation maintains your server and minimizes downtime. You don’t need to monitor and troubleshoot your server. The hosting company will take care of it.
  • A colocation server improves your websites’ performance. With the availability of high bandwidth, the network speed improves.
  • It significantly reduces set-up and maintenance costs. The hosting company has the responsibility of maintaining the server on your behalf.
  • With a colocation server, a business does not need to maintain a datacenter of its own. This not only saves costs but also rescues you of the pressure of managing the server
  • Colocation ensures high security for the server. A hosting company’s datacenters are well-equipped to take care of your server’s security.

If you own a server and are looking at making the most of it, get a hosting company to keep it in their premises. This works best if keeping a datacenter will add additional overheads in terms of cost and management.