Benefits of a Semi-Dedicated Server

The reason you go for a dedicated server is because you need more bandwidth, disk space, and control. Shared hosting offers you limited resources and no control. However, the jump from shared hosting to dedicated hosting is a big one and not many organizations can make it. Virtual Private Server (VPS) and semi-dedicated server act as a stopover in such cases.

Check out earlier posts on VPS hosting. We will talk about semi-dedicated server in today’s post. A semi-dedicated server is a server that doesn’t belong to you. It is owned by the hosting company. Technically, you own a part of the physical server. Yes, you have access and control a part of the server.

A server is divided into what are called slices. You can go for a big slice or a small one depending on what your needs are. You share the server with other websites but only with a few.

A semi-dedicated server is advantageous because of the following reasons.

  • It offers better performance. With only a few accounts sharing resources on the server, you will experience performance better than that of a shared server.
  • It is cost-effective when compared to a dedicated server. It works out best for those who are looking for features similar to a dedicated server but cannot go for a fully-dedicated server yet.
  • It offers you more resources than a shared server. With semi-dedicated servers, you have more bandwidth and more disk space at your disposal, letting you install and run more applications.
  • It is fully-managed. You don’t have to worry about the management of a semi-dedicated server as it is taken care of by the company hosting the server.