Benefits of Managed Hosting

Letting others manage something that you own may trouble the control freaks or the micro-managers but for most of the people, it brings peace of mind, especially, if the ones handling the management are experts in the domain. Managed hosting brings the same relief for owners of dedicated servers. Let’s look at the benefits of managed hosting.

  • It ensures high availability of your website(s), reducing the number of downtimes to the minimum.
  • It offers a high-speed accessibility and ensures that the resources are optimized to the fullest.
  • It provides continuous monitoring of your server.
  • It offers effective troubleshooting help in time.
  • It provides efficient technical support round the clock.
  • It rescues you from hiring and training people on the management of your dedicated servers.
  • It takes steps to ensure the security of your server(s).
  • It offers back-up facilities, along with disaster recovery features.
  • It offers you several additional features that you can make use of to give your website(s) a more professional image.

Managed hosting brings down the overall cost of the management of a server. It adds to the benefits of the dedicated server. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to go for managed hosting but make sure you have the resources and the knowledge to handle the server’s management.

In a recent post, we had listed the benefits of managed dedicated server hosting in the form of a mnemonic called Four As. The Four As of managed hosting cover almost all its benefits. If you think there is something we have missed, please leave us a comment.