Benefits of Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is the concept of treating a physical server as multiple logical servers. How does that help? Let’s have a look.

Virtual servers reduce your costs. Virtualization causes you to buy less hardware thereby saving you money. Also the operating costs are reduced with virtualization.

Virtualization makes the servers stable and reduces downtimes considerably thereby making servers and the websites hosted on them available at all times. It ensures high availability and delivers prompt disaster recovery thereby offering you business continuity.

Virtualization of servers lets you utilize the resources to the fullest. With automation and better utilization of available resources, virtualization increases the efficiency of the server.

In virtualization, a physical server is partitioned into multiple logicals and these logicals are independent of one another. As they don’t interfere with others, they promise increased security. This is the reason virtual private servers are often used as sandboxes or honeypots.

Another benefit of server virtualization is that it helps save space in your data centers as the number of physical servers is much less than the number of servers that are being used.

Now, virtualization sounds really good. But when do you need it? Do you need it if you have a dedicated server? Well, as I have said earlier, virtual server hosting works best as a stopover between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

Have you experienced virtual servers yet? How has the experience been? Tell us when and how you have used virtual servers.

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