Cloud Computing vs. Dedicated Servers – What You Should Know

Cloud ComputingEverything in the hosting industry seems to be about cloud computing these days. It provides scalability, redundancy and on-demand services, but it is really as good as many advertisers say it is?

While it may not fit with every business or website, it’s important to know the differences between cloud computing and dedicated servers. You want to be sure you get the right hosting and here’s what you should know about both.

What the Heck is the Cloud, Anyway?

Understanding what the cloud is will help in your search for the right hosting. The cloud is often prone to hardware problems and even network issues. It’s not always as good as advertised and can be prone to bottlenecks. The cloud is shared services where the RAM, CPS and network resources are shared with others.

Which is Faster?

There is no doubt that a good dedicated server will outperform most, if not all, cloud services when it comes to speed. Cloud may provide excellent storage, but it’s not going to provide the same speed. Many use cloud computing due to the scalability. However, a dedicated server can easily be scaled and gives you plenty of speed compared to cloud services.

Disk IO Comparison

When a dedicated server is configured correctly, it often provides excellent value for your money, especially with the disk IO. Cloud services, on the other hand, often lead to an unpredictable disk IO. In many cases, if one client on cloud hosting starts to see a ton of traffic, it slows everything down for the rest of those on the cloud computing. In addition, not all cloud computing disk IO issues are easily solvable within the cloud framework.

Redundancy Comparison

Dedicated ServersRedundancy is one of the reasons many choose cloud services. It’s more redundant than a single dedicated server. This is simply the truth and there’s not much you can do. However, the node for cloud services isn’t much more reliable than a single dedicated server. If the node fails, it will be much the same as if the CPU or the RAM failed for a dedicated server.

Complexity Comparison

One of the very mystic things about cloud computing is the complexity. Dedicated is the better choice when complexity is considered. Complexity will add costs and cloud hosting is certainly more complex than dedicated server hosting. If you offer web design services, using WordPress, Drupal or Joomla with cPanel or Plesk isn’t as easy with cloud services as dedicated servers. You will get more value out of a dedicated server, as well.

Price Comparison

Cloud Computing vs. Dedicated ServerWhile cloud services may seem cheaper up front, they can get very expensive very quickly. A well-managed dedicated server or servers can provide excellent performance with plenty of value. When comparing the two, you get more value out of dedicated server than cloud computing, in most cases.

Overall, cloud computing vs. dedicated server hosting will be a debate many will disagree on. For most businesses, a dedicated server will provide more bang for your buck, more speed and a better, hosting choice.