Colocation for Fuss-Free Server Maintenance

Dedicated servers are typically kept in-house or kept with a hosting company to manage. However, managed hosting is something not all organizations can afford. There is another kind of system where your dedicated server is kept in the premises of a hosting company, and you decide the level of server management you seek from it. Now, this concept makes your server a colocation server. You have to pay a rent to the hosting company for keeping it. Some hosting companies offer another kind of colocation where they offer you a server on rent.

You can choose if you want the hosting company to simply keep your server in its location or provide some services. If you opt for server management, you can reap several benefits. Let’s see how colocation can help your business.

  • With a colocation server, your websites will have minimal downtimes and high availability.
  • Colocation significantly reduces set-up and maintenance costs. The hosting company has the responsibility of maintaining the server on your behalf.
  • The hosting company will monitor and troubleshoot the server for you.
  • With a colocation server, a business does not need to maintain a datacenter of its own. This not only saves costs but also rescues you of the pressure of maintaining the server.
  • Colocation ensures high security for the server. A hosting company’s datacenters are well-equipped to take care of your server’s security.

A hosting company can take the pressure of maintaining a server off you. However, you need to take care that your server is located within your reach so that you too can monitor it occasionally.