Colocation Hosting Vs Managed Hosting

The biggest concern of any organization who owns a server is its management. Managed hosting gives you peace of mind. Colocation hosting is a kind of managed hosting.

Colocation hosting means that your server is located in the premises of a hosting company. However, managed hosting, in the truest sense, means that the hosting company takes care of the hosting for you. The same thing happens in colocation hosting, doesn’t it? Well, no. Let me explain the difference between colocation and managed hosting.

In colocation hosting, what the hosting company essentially provides to you is space in its data center for your servers. It provides the necessary power for them. You will be provided with an Internet connection and IP addresses. The host takes care of your servers’ maintenance. It is responsible for the physical security of your servers. Now, virus protection and firewalls don’t fall in the purview of colocation. Apart from the basic infrastructure, you continue to be in charge and responsible for your stuff.

Though I mentioned that colocation is a kind of managed hosting, when the industry refers to managed hosting, it is referring to something much larger than colocation. Managed hosting is where you don’t have to look after your servers. Security, maintenance, monitoring, and even performance optimization is taken care of by the host in managed web hosting. There are, however, degrees of server management. Thus, you will come across terms such as semi-managed and fully-managed. You can choose any kind of managed hosting or the simple colocation based on what you need and how well you are equipped to manage your servers.