Common Extra Dedicated Server Features

When you lease an unmanaged dedicated server, it is almost like purchasing a bare-bones computer. You will get many of the essentials like the necessary hardware, operating system, and even the network connection, but often you will not get much else. Depending on the web host, you will need to install extra software and possibly purchase additional services.

For many people who get unmanaged servers, this is exactly what they want. If it is not what you want, you might want to consider a managed server or an unmanaged package that includes certain features. Either way, you will have to pay more.

The following are some extra features that are often available from web hosts:

Control panel software – You can also purchase control panel software and install it yourself, or you can download and install a free and open source control panel.

  • SSL certificates
  • Additional IP addresses – Needed for SSL
  • Load balancing for two or more servers
  • Anti-virus protection for mail servers – Again, this is something you can setup yourself, but it takes time and expertise.
  • Routine backup storage – Backup storage is crucial, although you might be able to get it cheaper from someone other than your web host.
  • Additional RAM
  • Additional hard drive
  • Windows or other proprietary software – Yes, this costs money, although some hosts may include it in the base price.
  • KVM over IP
  • Additional bandwidth

Prices will vary according to the web hosting provider you select, so you might want to check them before you choose.

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