cPanel for Your Dedicated Server

When you buy the dedicated server, you want to reap the optimum benefits of it. The most important thing you need for that is efficient management. Even if you cannot manage it in-house, you need not worry. Get professionals to manage your server for you. However, there is one thing that you need, irrespective of who manages the server. You need a web server control panel. Now, how do you choose the control panel?

Ease of use is probably the first thing that will define your choice. But that is only the beginning. My favorite server control panel is cPanel. What makes the cPanel server better than others? Well, I won’t say that other control panels are inferior to cPanel but cPanel has certain benefits.

It has an intuitive and highly functional graphical interface. It has a three-tier support structure. The tiers are administrators, re-sellers, and end-users.

cPanel makes the uploading and management of web pages easy. Creating and managing e-mail accounts is easy with cPanel. cPanel can help you install various applications such as forums, blogs, and shopping carts without any hassle.

With cPanel, you can back up data easily. It provides a software called Backup Wizard for the task.

cPanel provides protection to the content and bandwidth of your website. It provides security against viruses and other malicious programs. cPanel generates comprehensive statistics about the traffic to your website. It lets you review error logs.

Migration from another control panel is easy and free of cost.

You can go for cPanel while buying your dedicated server and make your server a cPanel server.