cPanel is an Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Control Panel

Does the thought of website management give you cold sweats? As a website owner, you are required to perform certain management tasks and the least you can ask for is an easy control panel. cPanel offers just that. Everyone has his/her favourite when it comes to website control panel. Personally, I have found cPanel very useful. Let me tell you why.

  • To start with, cPanel has an intuitive graphical interface, making it easier for even non-experts to use it. As a website owner, you can upload and manage web pages with ease using cPanel.
  • Several applications are easier to install when you are using cPanel. Take for example, web applications such as forums and blogs.
  • With respect to security, cPanel provides features such as virus protection, password protection, and usage restrictions.
  • It is easy to create and manage e-mail accounts with cPanel. cPanel really makes e-mail management easy.
  • Data management is also made simpler thanks to the various database tools cPanel provides to administrators.
  • cPanel makes the complicated task of backing up data rather easy.
  • You can get comprehensive statistical information on your website’s traffic with cPanel.

cPanel offers support at three functional levels: administrators, re-sellers, and end-users. cPanel works with dedicated servers or virtual private servers (VPS).

There are also some other control panels available, but none of them seem to provide the ease of operation like cPanel. This control panel has emerged from the appreciation that point-and-click systems have received in comparison to command-line systems. If you are considering getting a website control panel, I would definitely recommend cPanel.