Dedicated Server Hosting – An Overview

Dedicated servers are just that – dedicated. And being dedicated makes a server extremely advantageous to the website opting it. The choice between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting depends completely on the needs of a website. If the traffic to a website is very high, it should go for a dedicated server. Managing dedicated servers, however, requires expertise and involves costs. Therefore, if a website’s revenues do not match up to the costs of managing a dedicated server, it should not go for a dedicated server.

The benefits offered by a dedicated server, in spite of its cost, are listed below.

  • A dedicated server gives you complete control over its management.
  • You can manage the dedicated server remotely.
  • A dedicated server eases off the traffic load on a website. It helps load the website faster.
  • A dedicated server meets the bandwidth and space needs of a website.
  • You will experience fewer server problems with dedicated server hosting.

Dedicated server hosting is available in two modes: managed and unmanaged. Managed dedicated server hosting is the one in which the hosting company manages the server for you. This may prove a little expensive. Unmanaged hosting is the one where you manage the server instead of the hosting company. Though this one proves cost-effective, you need to possess the required knowledge to handle the server.

Dedicated server is not a good idea for websites that do not experience high traffic. Moreover, the cost and expertise required to handle a dedicated server does not suit all pockets. Shared hosting provides a certain level of reliability that goes well for the average website.