Dedicated Server School Partners with LiquidWeb for SSD Servers

shortlogo1Dedicated Server School ( is partnered with LiquidWeb who is one of the few managed hosting providers currently offering SSD servers.

Jun 01, 2009 – Dedicated Server School is committed to teaching the public about dedicated servers and the latest in server technology and its premier partner provider, LiquidWeb, is committed to excellence in managed hosting customer service and providing the latest in available server technology. LiquidWeb’s recent offering of SSD (solid state drive) dedicated servers is a continuation of their long standing commitment to leading the dedicated server field in not just customer service, but technology as well.

The SSD servers are amongst the latest in server advancement, combining the new solid state drive (SSD) technology with the web server. What the solid state drive provides that traditional SATA and SAS don’t is very high I/O rates that aren’t possible previously. These drives have been termed “zero latency” because of the practically non-existent search time involved in finding and reading data on an SSD drive, compared to the bottleneck that typically occurs with traditional hard disk drives.

lw-logoLiquidWeb representatives claim SSD servers are best suited for high performance web applications, high concurrently accessed databases, frequently accessed tables, large read-intensive databases, transaction logs, and storing indexes. The SSD servers provide significant advantage in these areas that traditional hard drive server setups cannot compete with.

Dedicated Server School chose Liquidweb as their premier partner this year because of their excellence in customer service as voted on by WebhostingTalk members in a recent poll, and because of their long standing reputation in the community as a premier managed hosting provider. Dedicated Server School is a consumer oriented blog aimed at educating the novice web hosting user on dedicated server technology and helping with server recommendations for those in need of assistance. For more information, visit