Dedicated Server Terminology: Part 1

When you are new to working with dedicated servers or simply a business person trying to understand what your technology consultant is always talking about, much of the terminology associated with dedicated servers can be overwhelming. For that reason, we have put together a multi-part series of posts covering numerous server topics, along with their definitions. This will not make you an expert over night, but it will help you get better acquainted with server technology.

1. Dedicated Server – There is not just one type of server. The distinction of a dedicated server is that it does not function as anything else. Sometimes people will use powerful computers to serve many functions, even acting as desktop PCs, but a dedicated server is a full-time server.

2. Server Host – Many web hosting companies will also host dedicated servers, allowing people to lease subscriptions to them, often for monthly or annual fees.

3. Web server – Generally, the term “web server” refers to a dedicated server that is used to host websites, but many also use this term to refer to the software (such as Apache) that provides this functionality.

4. IP Address – Just like the address on of a building tells you where it is relative to its street and city, an IP address identifies the location of a server on the Internet. Since a server can have multiple sites and multiple IP address, you might think of it as a neighborhood.

5. Domain – Without domains, we would all have to remember IP addresses rather than actual names for websites. Domains allow us to use easy-to-remember addresses for a site like

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