Dedicated Servers Become a Necessity as Your Business Grows

We have told you this before and we will say it again: shared hosting cannot match up to your website ambitions. When you realize that it no longer can fulfill your wishes, you should know that it’s time to invest in the server that is dedicated to your needs. And how do you find out that your ambitions are bigger than what the shared server can provide? Here’s how.

  • Find out if the traffic to your website is increasing consistently. If you think it is going to increase considerably in the time to come, you cannot live with the shared server.
  • If your website is critical to your business, you cannot afford sudden downtimes. A dedicated server will provide you with a highly reliable service.
  • If you want to take the hosting of your website in control, you can do that only with the dedicated server.
  • If you want to host a number of websites, or if yours is a hosting business, you need the dedicated server.
  • If you have realized that the disk space provided in shared hosting does not suffice any longer, you know it’s time to get something that is dedicated to your requirements.
  • If you have come to realize that you need to install custom applications for your website, you know you cannot do it with a shared host.
  • If your bandwidth requirements are higher than what the shared host offers, you need a dedicated server.
  • If you want to provide a high-level security to your website, you definitely need to be in control. And for that, you need a dedicated server.

Don’t let your growing business suffer because of your complacency. When the shared server cannot provide what you need, buy a dedicated one.