Dedicated Servers Can Give Your Websites a Makeover

The world’s been reiterating what we have always maintained: if you have high-traffic websites, you have to go for dedicated servers. Obvious, isn’t it? So, I was surprised when I saw a news piece titled, Dedicated servers ‘ideal for high-traffic sites’ on the Net.

Why mention the obvious, I thought. But I guess there are still many organizations that haven’t come to appreciate this information. The news piece begins with:

Firms expecting a large volume of their traffic to their website should consider investing in a dedicated server, it has been suggested.

It goes on to present the advantages of dedicated hosting. For the uninitiated, let me summarize the benefits of dedicated servers.

  • More resources: Now, you don’t need to scramble for disk space and bandwidth with other websites. The dedicated server brings a huge bandwidth and a lot of disk space only for you.
  • Improved performance: The dedicated server is dedicated to your needs. With more resources at your disposal, it provides a much better performance than that of a shared server.
  • Increased availability: The downtimes and the chances of failures are dramatically reduced with a dedicated server. The availability of your websites and applications increases.
  • Customization: You can configure a dedicated server the way you like. You can install the applications you want. This is something you cannot do when you are sharing a server with hundred of other websites.

If the traffic to your website has been increasing but you haven’t bothered to move from shared hosting, here’s the bad news: be prepared to lose the traffic. No one will wait for your web pages to load; they will move on if the page takes more than 5 seconds to load. Limited resources can’t give you the performance you expect. We say, move on.