Do You Need the Dedicated Server?

Every time someone tells you a dedicated server is good, do you find yourself tempted to move from shared hosting? Is this temptation backed by reasons or is it just the feeling of getting something bigger and better? Well, yes, the dedicated server is definitely far better than the shared server, but you should make sure it is time to switch before you do. How will you find that? Answer the following questions and you will know.

  • Is your website’s traffic too much for your shared web host to handle?
  • Do you need more disk space than what shared hosting can offer?
  • Are your bandwidth requirements higher than the current bandwidth you are allowed?
  • Do you want to install several custom applications for your website?
  • Are your websites critical to your business, requiring them to be available at all times?
  • Are you looking for high-level security for your website?
  • Do you have a web hosting business?
  • Do you want to take charge of the hosting of your website?
  • Do you want to host several websites?

The answers to the above-mentioned questions will tell if you need the dedicated server and the answers to the following questions will tell you if you are ready for it.

  • Can you afford a dedicated server now?
  • Are you equipped to manage the dedicated server on your own?

Large businesses and the ones who are smaller but growing rapidly should go for dedicated hosting. You get advantages in terms of space, bandwidth, and security; you get to be in charge.