Go For a Semi-Dedicated Server if You Can’t Afford a Dedicated One Yet

Though the dedicated server has many advantages, not every organization can go for it just because it wanted to. The reason is the cost. For an organization that is living with shared hosting, affording a dedicated server is not easy even though it feels the need for one. If you are in the same dilemma, here’s a solution for you: go for a semi-dedicated server.

What is a semi-dedicated server? It is not like a dedicated server that you own. In fact, the semi-dedicated server is similar to the shared server. You have to share a physical server with other websites. A semi-dedicated server gives you root access and control over a part of the server. You will share it with a handful of websites, with 5, 10, or 20 websites. You can take a bigger ‘slice’ of the semi-dedicated server and make the right use of available resources.

Since you share the resources with a few websites, the shared server will offer you a better performance than a shared server. With semi-dedicated servers, you have more bandwidth and more disk space at your disposal, letting you install and run more applications.

A semi-dedicated server works out best for those who are looking for features similar to a dedicated server but don’t want to go for a fully dedicated server. And yeah, though it is semi-dedicated, your server is fully managed. Yeah, you don’t have to worry about the management of a semi-dedicated server as it is taken care of by the company hosting the server.