Government Compliance Abroad: Is Your Server Ready?

Once you have a web presence, just about anyone in any country can access your website. That means your dedicated server will be subjected to the laws and regulations of just about every country where you do business. You can, of course, limit the number of countries that have access, but if your goal is to reach a wide audience, you might need to comply with some foreign laws.

If, for example, you do business in Europe or have European users on your website, you may be expected to comply with certain privacy laws in place in many European Union countries. Other countries may have content restrictions and regulations regarding them.

Regardless of the country or their restrictions, you may need to make certain technical modifications in order to stay in compliance. For example, if privacy laws dictate that you must remove the IP addresses of users after a certain number of days from your records, you should find a way to automate this process within your web server log files. Similarly, you might be able to find a way to automate content restrictions, cookie saving, and other features depending on the country of the user.