Have You Decided To Go For A Dedicated Server Yet?

A dedicated server is good for your business, they tell you. But you are not sure if you should go for it. Well, if your business depends on your server and web applications in a big way, you definitely need it. Let’s look at a few signs that indicate you should go for it.

  • Your website’s traffic is too much for the shared server to handle.
  • You want to minimize downtimes as the website is critical to your business.
  • You are looking at hosting several websites.
  • You want to configure the server and take control of your website the way you like.
  • You need a lot of disk space for your website and your growing needs.
  • You need to install applications of your liking for your website.
  • Your bandwidth requirements have increased.
  • You want to make your websites more secure.

Many organizations, though they are aware they need the dedicated server, don’t go for it because they think they cannot afford it or take care of its management. And more often than not, they have no clue how to get the server.

A dedicated server need not be expensive. Our partners offer server packages starting $80/mo. As per as its management is concerned, you can always outsource it to a hosting company if you cannot handle it in-house. And how do you go about getting a server, ask our dedicated team. Just fill in your requirements in the dedicated server recommendation form.

When you choose your server, keep the SASS factors in mind. SASS is our very own acronym for Speed, Availability, Security, and Support.