How Does a Dedicated Server Help?

Do you get confused every time you hear about the limitations of shared hosting? Do consultants ask your business to make a shift towards dedicated server hosting? If you haven’t experienced a problem with shared hosting yet, you are one of the lucky few. If you expect your website(s) to experience heavy traffic in the future, and if your website’s availability is critical to your business, you should definitely get a dedicated server. If you are not sure if you need dedicated hosting, check an earlier post on the criteria of acquiring a dedicated server.

Let us now look at how a dedicated server can help you.

  • Complete control: With a dedicated server, you can host your website the way you like. Since you don’t share resources with other websites, you get to use as much bandwidth and disk space as you need.
  • Improved performance: As your website doesn’t share resources with other websites, it can make utilize the available resources optimally.
  • High availability: Downtimes are considerably reduced as your server is completely dedicated to your needs and it is not affected by traffic on other websites or any error caused by them.
  • Scalability: A dedicated server is highly scalable. It makes upgrades in terms of memory and disk space very easy.
  • Security: A dedicated server helps you take security measures of your own that are specific to your needs. 
  • Customization: You can configure a dedicated server the way you like and install as many applications as you need.

Dedicated servers are dedicated to your organization’s needs, offering you more resources and helping you reap maximum benefits of them.