How Good is a Colocation Server?

On one hand, owning a server gives you control, and thus, peace of mind. On the other, it snatches your peace of mind with the responsibilities of monitoring and maintaining it. The concept of server colocation offers to provide you control and absolute peace of mind at the same time. A colocation server is a one that is owned by you but resides in the premises of a hosting company. Your business pays a rent to the hosting company for keeping and monitoring your server. At times, you can even avail a server on rent from the host.

So, how does the colocation server help your business? Let’s find out.

  • High availability: A colocation server minimizes downtimes, making your websites highly available.
  • Improved performance: Server colocation makes large bandwidths available for your websites, thus improving the network speed and your websites’ performance.
  • High security: A hosting company’s datacenters are well-equipped to take care of your server’s security. It employs the highest standards of security.
  • Reduced costs: Since your server is being maintained by the hosting company, the costs of setting up the server and its maintenance are reduced significantly.
  • No maintenance: Colocation takes care of your servers. You no longer need to monitor and troubleshoot your server. The hosting company takes care of it.
  • No data center: With a colocation server, your business does not need to maintain a data center of its own. This not only saves costs but also rescues you of the pressure of managing the server.

Server colocation lets you be in control of your server in terms of its configuration while it takes care of the server’s maintenance at reasonable charges.