How Good is a cPanel Server

Amidst all the technological innovations taking place around us, which ones do you think click with people? The ones that are easy to use. If you were offered the command line-based operating system and the point-and-click one, you will be more inclined towards the latter one, because it is easier to use. cPanel is one such system that looks at making website management easier.

cPanel is a control panel for websites with an intuitive graphical interface. Its purpose to make website owners and hosting companies manage websites with ease. A server that comes equipped with this control panel is called a cPanel server. cPanel works with dedicated servers or virtual private servers (VPS).

cPanel supports a three-tier functional structure, supporting administrators, re-sellers, and end-users. cPanel is increasingly becoming popular with hosting companies as well as the website owners. Let’s look at what makes it all the rage.

  • As a website owner, you can upload and manage web pages with ease using cPanel.
  • Web applications such as forums and blogs can be installed conveniently with the help of cPanel.
  • cPanel provides several security features such as virus protection, password protection, and usage restrictions.
  • You can get comprehensive statistical information on your website’s traffic with cPanel.
  • E-mail management becomes easier with cPanel.
  • cPanel provides database tools for data management to administrators.
  • cPanel makes it easy for you to back up data.

You don’t need to be an expert to use cPanel. This is one of the reasons it is a much sought-after system. Click here to check out the cPanel website.