How Much Does a Dedicated Server Cost?

Want a dedicated server but concerned about its cost? Well, you are not alone. While the benefits of a dedicated server lure many organizations, the perceived high cost and complex management deter them from getting one. In fact, the cost is one of the main reasons we recommend stopover solutions like the semi-dedicated server or the virtual server.

How expensive is the dedicated server really? It depends where you are buying it from. Some providers offer packages starting at $80/mo., but those are usually older model servers being sold cheap to keep them in service.

Most entry level servers, like Liquidweb’s Webmaster Series, start around $149 / mo. and can go up to $400 depending on how many extras you add.

Enterprise level servers start in the $400 / mo.  range, but to really take advantage of their multiple processors and RAID configurations, you’re going to need extra RAM and you can expect entry level prices to be around $600 / mo.

If you don’t expect the need to upgrade any time soon, and you have the money to buy your server, you may want to consider colocation. If you own your server, you can usually colocate it at a top notch datacenter for just a few hundred dollars per month.

If you run a high traffic website that’s database driven and getting 50k+ unique visitors per day, you’re going to need complex hosting with load balancers, and these types of configurations can get really expensive.

I started this post asking you if you want the dedicated server. Now, wanting is one thing and needing is another. Make sure you need the server before you go for it. Your need for a dedicated server arises from the fact that your server and web applications are critical to your business. If your bandwidth and space requirements are more than what shared hosting has to offer, you do need dedicated hosting. However, you need to see to it that you can take care of your server either in-house or by outsourcing.

Now, if your server needs are not being satisfied with the shared server, you don’t necessarily have to buy a dedicated server right away. You can use a stopover and see how it goes. You should make sure that you are equipped to manage the dedicated server before you go for it.

It is important that you don’t just look at the cost when choosing your server. Feel free to drop in your requirements in our dedicated server recommendation form and our team will revert with suggestions.