How Much Does the Dedicated Server Cost?

While we have always recommended the dedicated server, we have also maintained that you should look for other options if you cannot afford one yet. So, is the dedicated server really expensive? It is definitely more expensive than the shared server. And its cost is actually relative to your needs.

Now, if you look only at the dedicated server’s price, you may find it exorbitant, but when you weigh it against the benefits this server has to offer, everything makes sense.

I know while you understand the limitations of shared hosting, you may not be able to move to the dedicated server immediately. As a stopover, you can go for the virtual private server (VPS). VPS hosting offers more benefits than shared hosting at a cost less than that of dedicated hosting.

OK, we haven’t told you the price of the dedicated server yet. Our partners offer server packages starting $80/mo. If you need a dedicated server, drop in your requirements in the dedicated server recommendation form and get the right advice.

And before you wonder if it’s time to invest in the dedicated server, here’s how you can figure it out.

  • If your bandwidth and space requirements are not satisfied by shared hosting, you should move to the dedicated server.
  • If your websites and web-applications are critical to your business, you cannot live with an unreliable service. Get a dedicated service.

It is important that you don’t live with limited resources and down times if you have business-critical websites and applications.

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