How to Boost Your Server Efficiency

Dedicated ServersEfficient servers keep customers happy. When your servers lack efficiency customers may complain, ask for a refund, bash you on social media and give you bad reviews. All of these negative things may lead to issues landing new customers and keep current customers.

Instead of losing customers, you just need to understand how to make your servers super-efficient. Here are a few ways you can boost efficiency for your servers.

Management Tools

The right tools can make it easy to manage your servers, optimize them and create a better performing server. When you can get more performance per watt and maximize uptime, you’ll be able to keep your customers happier.

A simple management tool for your servers will help to manage power and provide safeguards against a power outage. It can also help to ensure you maximize the resources of your servers. Other tills will also allow you to check the health of your servers and look at each cluster, as necessary.

Management tools go a very long way to ensuring full server efficiency. Make sure you have the right tools in place for monitoring power and the actual servers.


Maybe you don’t have the capital or space for more servers, but you want to get the most out of your servers, you can virtualize. This will allow you to create multiple computers out of one, which allows for more efficiency. It takes sophisticated software to partition the servers, but once it’s done, the efficiency will be much better.

With virtualization, you can use multiple operating systems on the same machine, along with keep the expenses lower. Of course, when you don’t have to buy more servers, it saves you space and cash.

Buy Recent Equipment

Server EfficiencyWhen it’s time to buy new servers, make sure they really are new servers. Buying outdated equipment can cause issues with efficiency. Technology moves so fast that even a server a few years old may be outdated. Using the latest technology is probably the easiest way to increase server efficiency.

Keeping your IT up-to-date is vital to your company, especially if you’re a hosting company. Even if you’re not and you just use your servers for your own business, you need the best possible equipment available. With lesser equipment comes latency and many other issues.

Monitor 24/7

Server issues can happen at any time and they don’t choose when it’s most convenient for you. If you’re not monitoring your servers every single minute of every day, you may not have the most efficient servers possible. What happens if your server goes down and nobody is around to fix the issue?

You can outsource server monitoring to a professional if you don’t have the ability to monitor your servers 24/7. This is probably the most important thing you can do and the best for keeping your servers efficient every single minute of every day.

Server efficiency is vital to your success. Whether you’re a hosting company or you just use the servers for your business, you need the most efficiency possible. Use the tips above to increase server efficiency and keep those machines running well.