How to Buy Your Dedicated Server

Choosing the right company to buy a dedicated server from is extremely important in order to reap the maximum benefits of the server. However, before you start looking out for a service provider, you should be sure that you need a dedicated server. Check out an earlier post, “Who Should Go for a Dedicated Web Server?” to find out if it is right for you.

Here’s what you should do once you are absolutely sure that you need a dedicated server.

  • Compare the offerings of different service providers. Even if you like the first service provider you come across, don’t buy the server from them until you have seen what others have to offer.
  • Check out each provider’s track record with dedicated servers. Read reviews and get in touch with companies who have used the services of the provider.
  • Find out if the provider offers managed hosting. Today, you may be equipped to manage the dedicated server on your own, but always have a back-up plan for the future when you would want professionals to manage the server for you while your resources do other priority work.
  • Find out about the level of access you will have.  Make it clear at the very beginning if you want root access or you are satisfied with being the super-user.
  • Inquire about the technical support. Find out the kind of support the provider will provide in case of a problem.

Make sure you understand the provider’s terms and conditions before you seal the deal.