How to Get a Dedicated Server

So, you want a dedicated server? Are you sure you are ready for it? Read an earlier post – Do You Need the Dedicated Server? – to find out if you really need one.

A dedicated server is important for your organization when you have business-critical applications on the server. It gives you absolute control and puts you in charge for all aspects of server configuration and management. Now, how do you buy that perfect server, and who do you buy it from?

Let us first look at the factors you should consider while buying the server. And, no, I am not referring to only its cost. Shouldn’t cost be a factor? Yes, it is an important factor but not the most important one. So, what are these important factors? I refer to them as SASS.

SASS stands for Speed, Availability, Security, and Support. When choosing a company to buy your dedicated server from, you have to look for one that provides you high speed. Next, speed makes sense only if your server and the applications residing on them remain highly available. Security of the server is extremely important no matter what the purpose of buying the server is. And then comes support. You need a hosting company that offers continuous, sturdy, proactive, and effective support.

Make sure you compare different companies before you decide on a company to buy the server from. Still not sure how to go about it? Mention your requirements in the server recommendation form, and our team will get back.