How to Monitor your Web Server Using Third-Party Tools

A perfectly managed and healthy hosting server rests at the heart of any great website.

As a web server administrator, you must always stay alert and closely watch the working of your server to avoid any downtime or failures.

The server that hosts your website has its own set of parameters that need to stay within safe levels to ensure that the website stays up and running always.

These parameters include-

  • CPU utilization
  • Server RAM
  • Physical temperature of the Server and its various components
  • Bandwidth usage
  • Disk space usage

There are various third party-tools that can be used to monitor each of these parameters of your web server on a real-time basis. These tools can be installed on the web server and may appear as additional components in the cPanel or Plex site administration dashboard of your web server.

There are task specific tools such as Webalizer that allow you to see graphical reports of website traffic based on real-time server side data.  You may also opt for complete Server monitoring suites such as Nagios ( that provide a dashboard view of various activities occurring on your server. You can drill down to details of any particular parameter by clicking on it in the dashboard view.

Server monitoring is a critical activity that helps you take preventive action and perform prompt maintenance of your Web Server Infrastructure. Typically, dedicated servers are totally scalable and as an IT manager you need to know the exact state of your server. Increasing temperature of the processor may indicate that the website hosted on the web server is demanding more computing power, and therefore, an upgraded processor may be required. The monitoring software shows you disk usage statistics and will indicate the time when you need to add more storage space.

Accurate and timely measurement is the key to perfect online operations of your business through its website. Third-party monitoring tools play an indispensable role in taking care of this aspect.