How to Run a Dedicated Server

If you are planning to get a dedicated server, you have to make sure you are ready for it. Not just in terms of whether or not you can afford it, but in terms of whether or not you can handle its management. The immediate thing that you need to take care of after you have got your own server is how to set it up.

So, how do you run a dedicated server? Where do you start? The first thing you need to make sure of is that you are buying the right server – the server that suits your needs appropriately. Check with professionals about the type of server you should go for. You can get a free server recommendation from the Dedicated Server School team.

Once you have got your server, decide on the operating system you are going to install on it. Now, I am sure, you have your favorite, but don’t go for it because of your attachment to it. Find out which operating system suits your needs the best. You can read one of our earlier posts that has a comparison of Linux and Windows, the two most popular server operating systems.

You will need a lot of applications for your server to make it functional for your websites. So once you have arranged for all the software you need, find out if your server is ready to go. Check it against all the set parameters. Once you have made sure there are no glitches, you can make use of the server the way you like. Congratulations, your server is up and running!