How Useful is the Semi-Dedicated Server?

Should I go for the semi-dedicated just because I cannot afford a dedicated server? Will it serve the purpose of a fully-dedicated server? What is a semi-dedicated server anyway? Is it better than a virtual private server (VPS)? The term, semi-dedicated server, is a bit ambiguous. Does it mean you have a server that is dedicated to you partially? Let me try answering all these questions about this server.

Personally, I find the VPS a better stopover between the shared server and the dedicated server. However, a semi-dedicated server has its advantages. Let me first tell you what a semi-dedicated server is. It a server that you don’t own.  It belongs to a hosting company. A semi-dedicated server is not completely dedicated to you, but it offers you control. You get root access and control over a part of the server. Like a shared server, the semi-dedicated server, too, requires you to share it with others. But here, you get a better share. The sharing happens with only 5, 10, 20 or so websites, making life easier for you.

Now, a semi-dedicated server definitely offers you a better experience than a shared server. And this is obvious because now you share your resources with only a few websites. You have more bandwidth and more disk space with you now along with control. You can choose as many applications as you want.

Compared to a fully-dedicated, the semi-dedicated one comes very cheap, an advantage you can reap till you can afford the dedicated server. Also, the maintenance and monitoring of the server is taken care of the company hosting it, thereby giving you the much-needed peace of mind.