I Need a Dedicated Server! Do You, Really?

Every time you say you need something, do you really need it or do you just want it? I understand you won’t say you need a dedicated server just like that. You will have reasons behind it, but are those reasons enough? Getting a dedicated server is fine, but along with it comes the responsibility of managing it.

Moreover, what is the point in getting a dedicated server when you cannot make optimum use of it? I don’t mean to dissuade you from buying the server. Just make sure that you need the server and can use it optimally before you go for it. Wondering how to find out if you are ready for the server? Here are some pointers to help you find that out.

  • The traffic to your website(s) is increasing by the day and you feel that the shared server cannot handle it for too long.
  • You want to configure the server the way you like and take control of your website.
  • You are looking for high availability of your websites and applications.
  • You want to minimize downtimes as the website is critical to your business.
  • You want to host many websites.
  • You need high bandwidth and a lot of disk space for your website and your growing needs.
  • You are looking for more security measures for your websites.

It is also important to analyze your server management capability. And if you cannot handle it in-house, you should be able to afford outsourcing of your server’s management. If money is the only thing holding you from going for a dedicated server, get a virtual private server (VPS) for the time being.