In The Event of Server Meltdown…

It’s dead. After all the effort you put in your server, even choosing it over your spouse, there was nothing you could do to save it. Whether it was hardware failure, a massive and crippling cyber attack, or simply a colossal user error, the moment you always dreaded has come to pass: a massive meltdown of your dedicated server.

If this has already happened to you, we are sorry for your loss, but here are five things you should have prepared before the meltdown.

1. Backups – Everything on your server should be backed up, from websites to one-line configuration files. You should run manual backups and setup an automated backup system. Once you have a regular routine of backups, you should also regularly check the backup file integrity.

2. Monitoring – You should have kept an eye on your server at all times. Nowadays, you can even get server monitors for your smartphone. Monitor your network, your hardware, your OS services, and any other crucial systems.

3. Diagnostics – Regular testing can give you clues about hard drive health, security vulnerabilities and more. Your OS likely comes with many of these tools for disk care and security scanning.

4. Updates – This involves keeping your server up-to-date with the latest security patches, but it also involves upgrading aging hardware. Nothing lasts forever, especially not hard drives.

The point of all this is to remind those of you who still have working servers to take action now, hopefully avoiding a meltdown. If you ignore these issues now, eventually they will come back to haunt you in the future. Being prepared now will save you time and money.

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