Is Dedicated Hosting For You?

Dedicated hosting promises benefits that every organization would want to reap. But does every organization need the dedicated server? There is no point going for it if shared hosting is sufficient for your web needs. Let’s look at scenarios that make it mandatory for you to go for dedicated hosting.

  • Your website is critical to your business. You cannot live with frequent downtimes.
  • Because of limited resources offered by shared hosting, you are not able to host multiple websites. While shared hosting lets you host many websites, you cannot keep adding websites as per your will.
  • The traffic to your website is increasing considerably. Shared hosting has difficulty handling the traffic, leading to sudden unavailability of your website.
  • You want to be in charge of everything related to the server and your websites. You would like to configure the server your way.
  • You need to install applications of your liking for your website. Shared hosting may not necessarily allow all applications you want.
  • Your bandwidth requirements have increased. You cannot afford slow loading of your web pages.
  • You need a lot of disk space for your website and your growing needs, which the shared hosting service cannot provide.
  • You want to do away with the vulnerabilities of the shared hosting service in terms of security. You would like to take charge of the security of your website.

If these scenarios hold true for you, you should switch to dedicated hosting. If you cannot afford it as yet, move to virtual private server (VPS) hosting for the time being.

Dedicated Servers