Is it Time for a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated ServerYou started with a shared hosting account years ago and have since graduated to VPS hosting. Maybe you’ve even gone through a few levels of VPS hosting and you think it’s time for a dedicated server.

Making the jump from shared, cloud or VPS hosting to a dedicated server isn’t always easy. It requires the right budget and the ability to deal with the migration period. Here are a few of the signs you should look for telling you it’s time to upgrade to a dedicated server.

You’ve Seen a Huge Traffic Increase

Maybe the number one reason to upgrade to a dedicated server, when traffic increases, you need better hosting. If you stay on a shared server, you may be forced to upgrade due to crashing the server. In addition, you may slow down every site, including yours, on the server due to the larger amount of traffic.

When traffic increases past about 1,000 visitors per day, shared hosting simply won’t cut it anymore. Sure, you can upgrade to VPS hosting, but if your growth in traffic continues, you’ll be on a dedicated server in no time.

You Know You’re About to Experience a High Volume of Traffic

Using a Dedicated ServerEven if you don’t have a high volume of traffic now, if you know a specific even will cause a huge amount of traffic, you may need a dedicated server. A great example of this has been seen time and time again on the show Shark Tank. Many entrepreneurs go onto the show without the right hosting and watch their website crash within minutes of airing.

Without a dedicated server, or in this case, multiple dedicated servers, those going on Shark Tank may lose their biggest sales day ever. Some have gone in prepared and watched the sales come in, while others have watched their website fall. If you know you will see a huge spike in traffic, a dedicated server is necessary.

Your Site Moves Too Slow

While traffic is one of the major causes of a slow website, if it’s on shared or VPS hosting, it’s not the only cause. If your site loads slowly, you may need to upgrade your hosting. Often, you need better hosting and more resources to fully support your site. Get a dedicated server and the problem will go away.

You Plan to Run Multiple Sites

You can run as many domains as you want on a shared hosting or even a VPS hosting package. However, if you run too many sites with too much traffic, it will cause issues. Having a dedicated server to split between your sites will provide the necessary resources to support each one properly.

There are several reasons to upgrade to a dedicated server. If you know you need one, here are a few of the benefits you can expect.

More Control

Shared and VPS hosting don’t give you full control. In fact, no other type of hosting gives you complete server control like dedicated hosting does. You will be able to do anything you want with your server and you won’t need to worry about other sites hogging resources.

Better Site Speed

The fastest hosting on the planet remains dedicated hosting. You won’t find better hosting if you need better speed. With the world needing things instantly and refusing to wait even a few seconds, you cannot afford to have a website that loads slowly.

Better Security

Upgrade to a Dedicated ServerDo you get better security by living on a large property of your own with a gate surrounding it or by living in a neighborhood with hundreds of neighbors? Shared hosting is like living in an apartment building, while VPS hosting is like living in a subdivision. However, dedicated hosting is like living on your own, large, fully secured property.

With dedicated hosting, you don’t have to worry about any type of neighbors causing you issues. Since you’re the only one on the server, any issues come directly from you and nobody else.

Dedicated hosting is the best choice, in many cases, for businesses that have outgrown shared or VPS hosting. It will provide many benefits and will give you a great foundation for your website.