Is SSL Worth the Expense?

If you have a dedicated server or even more than one server, you can appreciate the value of each dollar you pour into it. For the fortunate ones, it will be an investment that will pay off after hard work. Because you are already paying so much to run your server, you need to make sure everything you have is worth the expense.

When you are offering hosting accounts to your customers, SSL is definitely a service you want to support, although your customers will most likely purchase their certificates from a third party. Your server’s only responsibility will be making sure SSL is enabled and working.

For your own website, however, you may or may not have SSL enabled. So, when is SSL preferable or even necessary? There are a few situations when you should really have a current SSL certificate. Anytime you collect user data, you should encrypt the transmission. With SSL enabled, you can make sure sensitive data stays hidden. For services or community websites that require logins, your site should also have SSL. Finally, if you are offering hosting services, the hosting control panel and payment manager should be encrypted.

In situations where you do not provide any of the above-mentioned services, you may not need an SSL certificate. The certificate is the major expense, and you can still use SSL privately for your own logins, even if you do not purchase a certificate. It ultimately depends on your needs. If the services you offer will be more secure and more reputable with an SSL certificate, you should definitely make the investment.