Is the End of the Year a Good Time for Major Changes?

As we approach the new year, it might be tempting to make sweeping changes to your organization and to your dedicated server. This is a normal feeling. After all, even in our daily lives, we often start the new year with resolutions (ones that are often too high-reaching and hard to keep). The question posed today is: Is the end of the year a good time for major changes?

There is unfortunately no simple answer. If, for example, you have been wanting to try a new database system or try a hack that will make Apache more efficient, the end of the year might be a good time from an implementation standpoint. After the busiest part of the holiday season is over, you might be able to find a good time for a maintenance window when it will not affect too much business to take your server offline for a little while.

Implementation, however, should not be the only consideration. As with any major change, there comes risk. You do not want to cause your server to become inoperable, so it is a good idea to sandbox any changes first, possibly using a virtual machine to test them. This leads me to the next point. Any changes you do decide to make should be well-planned. If you just now decided to make a major change, rushing it can lead to disaster. Plan it out and make sure your implementation will actually work.

A new year always ushers in new opportunities, but if you make a New Year’s resolution for your server, make sure you can follow through with it.

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