Keeping a Server Maintenance Routine

We all know that server maintenance is important, but how many of us really take the time to stop and think about it? Because it is so easy to forget a particular task, it is crucial to your dedicated server’s health that you keep a regular routine for maintenance.

In some cases, certain parts of the routine can be automated. Log rotations, spam filter updates, and incremental backups are all tasks that you can plug into cron and depend on at regular intervals. For other tasks, however, you will need to be proactive and consistent.

For example, logs will certainly rotate on their own, but they will not read themselves. You cannot realistically monitor your logs for anomalies all the time, but you can make sure that you do it periodically, just to make sure nothing strange is going on behind the scenes.

It is important to note that even tasks that are automated should be routinely checked. For example, part of your routine should involve checking backups to make sure they actually worked. Nothing is worse than finding out your backup archives are corrupted after your server crashes.

Like business meetings and dentist appointments, server maintenance, such as kernel updates, should be something you keep in your calendar. Staying consistent will help you avoid the unfortunate situation where you have to troubleshoot chaos rather than maintain serenity.