Liquid Web Launches Worlds First Feature Complete Hybrid Cloud Hosting

This press release just came out from Liquidweb, one of our favorite dedicated server providers. Liquidweb is well known for providing some of the best support in the industry, and this “hybrid cloud” offering should do a lot for people who want to take advantage of some of the features unique to cloud hosting, while at the same time keeping the advantages of private dedicated servers available to those who want them.

May 11, 2010, Lansing, MI— Managed web hosting company, Liquid Web, today announced a major new feature for their cloud computing platform Storm On Demand called “Storm Bare Metal“. Storm Bare Metal is a revolutionary server technology that allows users to provision and manage private dedicated servers with powerful Cloud Hosting features. Storm Bare Metal provides all of the Cloud Hosting features that users love about Storm Servers like instant server setup, clone, resize, backups and Cloud Attached Firewalls but on your own private dedicated server wholly allocated to you! Storm Bare Metal gives users complete Hardware Transparency so they may specify the exact processor, memory and hard drive configuration that is right for their project.

True Hybrid Hosting with Easy Server Upgrades!
Storm On Demand customers can deploy flexible hybrid hosting configurations that contain a mixture of Storm Cloud Servers and Storm Bare Metal dedicated servers within the same management console. Storm makes it easy for users to move between Storm Cloud Servers and Storm Bare Metal Dedicated Servers with the click of a button! Storm allows users to easily clone, resize or restore between all sizes of Storm Bare Metal or Storm Cloud Servers. This means that if your Storm Cloud Server is getting overloaded, with a few clicks you can upgrade to a full Storm Bare Metal Dedicated Server without any migration pains. Or if you need to provision a small development sandbox to test a configuration change, you can clone your Storm Bare Metal Server to a Storm Cloud Server for few hours of testing and only be charged for what you used!

Storm On Demand Bare Metal Features:

    Hybrid configurations:

  • Manage Storm Cloud Servers and Storm Bare Metal from the same management tool.
  • Dedicated Hardware:

  • With Storm Bare Metal the server you are paying for is not shared, it’s wholly and completely yours.
  • Complete Hardware Transparency:

  • With Storm Bare Metal you can specify the exact CPU, RAM or Hard Drive Drive configuration you need
  • Secure Private Cloud Hosting:

  • Storm Bare Metal customers do not share physical server resources with other users. This enables the privacy of a dedicated server with the flexibility of cloud hosting.

All Storm On Demand Servers Include:

  • Instant Server Setup of Cloud Servers or full Dedicated Bare Metal Servers
  • Easy Horizontal or Vertical Scaling
  • Utility Style Hourly Billing so you only pay for what you use

Storm on Demand Features Coming Soon!

  • Load Balancing
  • Windows Server Images
  • Storm On Demand API