Liquid Web Launches Zimbra Dedicated Server Offering

Today Liquid Web announced a large offering of dedicated servers in partnership with Zimbra. Liquid Web Zimbra is 100% compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server and provides two-way interoperability with most collaboration platforms. This means that Zimbra and Exchange users can share calendars, contacts, tasks, see availability for scheduling and collaborate across both platforms. Liquid Web also provides complete migration services to move your mail from your current Exchange Server to a new Zimbra server without losing any of your critical messages or enduring email downtime.

Liquid Web will setup and manage your Zimbra dedicated server and provide you with the support and monitoring you need to make sure your collaborative communication suite is available 24/7/365.

At Dedicated Server School, we have experience with Liquid Web as a partner and as a customer. Because of this, we know their quality of service is amongst the highest in the industry, so we publish news of their new product offerings as they come out.

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