Liquidweb Excels with Complex Server Hosting and Migration

One of the things we liked about Liquidweb’s team is that they know what it takes to host high traffic sites, and their migration team knows how to move them. When our own sites were getting too much traffic for their existing server, we upgraded over a weekend to an enterprise server, and it was done with almost no downtime at all. Before we did it, I would have never thought such a quick and easy move would be possible, but it happened.

If you own a high-traffic website, and you’re looking for a company experienced with complex server configurations, be sure to check out Liquidweb’s Complex Hosting page. From there, you can choose amongst many options for load balanced servers with firewalls and either Linux or Microsoft OS’s. You won’t find much documentation on other hosts’ websites on these types of configurations, why? Because they don’t do as many of them.

Liquidweb is one of the go-to companies for high traffic websites and complex hosting. At Dedicated Server School, we highly recommend them.