Liquidweb Offers Microsoft Exchange 2007 Managed Dedicated Servers

Liquidweb, a company well-known for some of the best server management in the business, is offering Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 managed servers. If you’re a large corporation that needs a centralized server for managing email and calenders, MS Exchange is the way to go. Here are a few of the advantages of Exchange Hosting:

  • Built in antivirus protection
  • Flexible journaling for legal and regulatory compliance
  • Data replications capabilities that limit the need for tape backup
  • Advanced encrypting techniques to keep all messages confidential
  • Anywhere messaging so your data stays in sync whether you use your phone, laptop, desktop, or webmail
  • Web service API for custom application development

By leasing a dedicated server for MS Exchange, your company benefits from the advantage of a high tech data center with network connectivity¬† and redundancy not commonly available to most¬† companies. The advantage of using a “managed” hosting service like Liquidweb’s, is that you have a team of tech support available around the clock, without paying “team of tech support” wages by hiring your own employees to manage the server.

For more information on Liquidweb’s Microsoft Exchange 2007 servers, visit: