Local Video Streaming vs Cloud Services

If you plan to offer streaming video on your website, you have a big decision to make. With your own dedicated server, you have the capability of streaming the video directly from your server using streaming software. There are many streaming options. Some of them are quite costly, while others are free and open source.

Instead of streaming from your own server, you also have the option of using cloud-based services, either through software wholly controlled and managed by a third-party company or a cloud platform that allows you to install your own software. Like local streaming software, there are both free and paid cloud solutions for video streaming.

The advantages of streaming from your own server are that you can control the quality, file types, content, and software features offered. The advantages of cloud solutions are that you do not have to configure or manage the software, and you do not have to pay for the extra bandwidth that comes with streaming.

Many website owners, even media companies, rely on services like YouTube or Vimeo to host their videos. These companies do place some restrictions on content, but they are generally pretty flexible. They also offer ad services that allow the users to make money from video viewers. On the other hand, open source local solutions like Kaltura give you the ultimate flexibility to deliver your streaming content from your own domain, when and how you choose. Your ultimate decision will depend on your needs, expertise, and finances.

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