New Fusion-IO Dedicated Servers at Liquid Web

Liquid Web’s SSD servers just got better. Today, they announced the availability of the world’s most advanced NAND clustering technology designed for server based application-centric storage, the Fusion-IO ioDrive.

Fusion-ioDrives are high-performance solid state (SSD) hard drives designed with the revolutionary silicon-based storage architecture ioMemory that can easily match the I/O performance of the world’s fastest enterprise SAN. Some features of the Fusion-ioDrive:

•    Industry’s fastest sustained random read/write IOPS
•    Less than 50 microsecond average access latency
•    Enables up to terabytes of high speed Virtual Memory
•    Easily RAID multiple ioDrives together
•    Managed like simple block storage

(for detailed specs on the iodrive visit

The great thing about signing up with Liquid Web for an SSD server is that they have one of the best reputations in the industry for managed, dedicated servers, along with ample experience providing SSD servers, due to the fact they were one of the first in the industry to launch a sizable offering.

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