Perfect Dedicated Server Control Panel

In our posts on dedicated server control panels, we have discussed cPanel and Plesk predominantly. You will come across several other control panels, both established and emerging. How do you choose your server control panel? Which one is the perfect one?

A good server control panel is supposed to make the management of your dedicated or virtual private server (VPS) easy. Your choice of the control panel will depend on two things: ease of use and availability of features.

You need to get a control panel that goes well with your server’s operating system. A control panel that works best for a Linux server may not give you satisfactory results when used for a Windows server.

cPanel/WHM is probably the best for a Linux dedicated server. Plesk 9.x for Linux is also considered good. One of the popular Linux control panels is ServerCP.

Windows Server 2003 Remote Desktop has been a popular choice with Windows users. People also go with Plesk 9.x for Windows.

If you don’t use your control panel much, you will not realize its full potential and its limitations. Every control panel will seem the same to you. You should compare different control panels before you zero in one. Here are some of the questions you should ask when looking for a control panel:

  • Is its interface intuitive and easy-to-use?
  • Does this control panel align with my server operating system?
  • Does it allow different administration rights for different users (if multiple users need access)?

Have you found a control panel that you simply adore? Share your experience with other readers here.