Gets LiquidWeb Enterprise Server Upgrade

Many of you know I’ve enjoyed our 2+ year relationship with LiquidWeb, our dedicated server hosting company. Their customer service has been the best I’ve ever experienced. Having been in the web design / internet marketing field for 12 years, I could probably list at least a dozen web hosting companies I’ve dealt with either through updating client’s websites or hosting my own sites – so that says a lot.

When I started out with LiquidWeb for my first dedicated server, I purchased an good entry level server with the following configurations:

Processor: Intel E4500 DUAL CORE
Hd1: 160GB 7200RPM SATA / 8MB Cache
Hd2: 160GB 7200RPM SATA / 8MB Cache
RemoteBackup: 50GB Remote Backup
(+Offsite Backup)
OS: Linux – CentOS 4
ControlPanel: CPanel / Web Host Manager

The server and their support has been great so far. I can recall only one time when the server was unreachable because of a brief network issue LiquidWeb had, and we haven’t had any downtime that we could fault LiquidWeb or their hardware for.

Why upgrade?

Our traffic is growing. We host about 20 MySQL sites on ther server, one of which is a popular web forum that keeps growing, and I want to make sure that we have enough headroom for the increased server load so that all of the sites stay quick and responsive.

So here’s the new setup we’ll be moving into this weekend:

Enterprise GainstownSpecial
Processor: Dual Xeon E5504 Quad Core (Gainstown)
Memory: 12GB DDR RAM
Hd1: 4 x 73GB SCSI / Hardware Raid 10
(+Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) 15,000 RPM)
RemoteBackup: 50GB Remote FTP Backup
(+Offsite Backup)
OS: Linux – CentOS 5 (+64 Bit)
ControlPanel: CPanel / Web Host Manager

Needless to say, I’m excited about thew new headroom we’ll have and the possibility of speeding up our MySQL scripts. The best part is, LiquidWeb gave us a great deal, beating all of their competition’s pricing significantly. I feel like it’s rare these days that large companies respect the fact that you’ve been a long term customer and go the extra mile to keep you satisfied. LiquidWeb did just that. They knew we were a good customer and gave us the best price I think I could have gotten anywhere. Thanks LiquidWeb!

When will the migration occur?

We’re not wasting any time. The migration to the new server will happen over the weekend. The weekends are our lowest traffic periods, so it will impact the fewest of our visitors.

Will there be any outages?

Probably so. I wish I could say no, but moving this many websites with all of the different scripts they run has got to pose a challenge for even the most savvy migration experts. But who knows, we might get lucky.

Thanks for your support and thanks for visiting