Should You Go For Managed Hosting?

If you have moved on from shared hosting to dedicated hosting, you know how important the dedicated server is for your business. However, you also know by now that being in control of the server puts you in charge of its management too. And server management is far from being simple. Should you go for managed hosting then, instead of the do-it-yourself hosting?

If you ask me, it’s your call. Managed hosting definitely gives you peace of mind. But if you have the technical know-how within your organization, you may not need a host to manage your server for you. There’s another thing about managed hosting: you get various degrees of management. If you don’t want too many features, you can go for what is known as semi-managed hosting. Then there is also colocation hosting where your server resides in the premises of a hosting company and is maintained by them.

The main benefit of managed hosting is that you can focus on your core business instead of worry about your servers’ health and performance. It also saves you from hiring and training people for the management of your servers. Now, this saves a lot of your time, money, and overhead expenses.

With managed hosting, your server operations automatically get a professional makeover. And this happens because the hosting company is dedicated to optimizing the performance of your server. A host will be able to provide 24×7 support, something that you may not be able to ensure yourself.

If you decide to go for managed hosting, do compare different hosting companies before choosing one.