Taking Care of Your Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is definitely bliss. But it brings on trouble as well. The trouble of monitoring and managing it everyday. Server management is no mean task. It takes a dedicated team to manage a dedicated server. So, what do you do? Dedicate a team. But there could be problems with the internal team as well. To begin with, such a team typically comprises of people from other departments, thus their focus on the dedicated server could cause problems elsewhere in the organization. Second, the team may not be completely equipped to manage the dedicated server. Third, you have to constantly pay attention to your server’s management; you cannot have peace of mind.

You may have understood what remedy I am referring to. Yes, managed hosting. Yes, managed hosting will cost you something, but you have the option of choosing the kind of management you require. You can go for fully or partially managed hosting. Then, there’s also colocation hosting, a kind of managed hosting.

Fully managed hosting means outsourcing the security, maintenance, monitoring, and even performance optimization of the server to professionals. In partially-managed hosting, you can ask for fewer services. And in colocation hosting, you can keep your servers in the premises of the hosting company and leave the maintenance and physical security to them.

I don’t say that you must seek professional help for server management, but I believe that doing so will take a lot of burden off you and help you focus on your core business.