The Four A’s of Managed Hosting

What goes in your mind when you buy a dedicated server? Benefits for your business. And how do you make sure that you get all the benefits of the server? By taking care of the server well and you need experts to handle that.

I am sure you have got an internal team of dedicated resources for that. But why not go for a professional team, a team whose job it is to optimize the benefits of the server for you?

So what does managed hosting give you?

Availability: This is one of the most important things you want from your dedicated server. Now, managed server hosting ensures that your website is always available. With continuous server monitoring, it ensures that the downtimes are minimal.

Assurance: You want a professional team to optimize utilization of resources. Managed hosting assures that. It assures a timely and effective response in case of a problem with the server. It constantly monitors your server and ensures that it is always at its best in terms of its performance.

Assistance: A professional team can offer you efficient, round-the-clock support. Troubleshooting is very fast and effective with managed hosting.

Additional Features: Since the hosting company’s focus is on making your server extremely efficient, it provides some additional services. It offers several additional features such as regular backups, disaster recovery and security.

Managed hosting offers an experienced approach at reaping the benefits of your server. Its advantages in the form of the four A’s help organizations focus on their core business.