Tips for Hiring Third-Party Server Managers

Managing a server may not be your thing. You may cringe whenever you see a tech specialist drop to the command line and start punching away at the keyboard. That does not mean you cannot have a dedicated server and even be successful with a online business that requires one. The key to that success will largely depend on the people you trust to manage your server for you. The following are tips that should help you hire the right kind of people and get the most out of them.

1. Hire professionals – This should go without saying, but I have seen plenty of managers in organizations hire their neighbor’s kid to run their servers. The kid may be a genius, but you cannot expect him to always be available or give you the productive output of someone who does it for a living.

2. Make your objectives clear – If your goals have nothing to do with marketing to China, for example, you need to make sure your server manager is not spending a lot of time catering to that audience.

3. Check references – For jobs that provide on-the-job training, it may not be that important to check professional references, but for a job managing servers, the person you hire may very well be the only one who knows about your server. You do not want to trust it to someone who just pretends to know what he is doing.

4. Keep it simple – It is best to avoid having a single person developing complex applications that only he understands. If he ever leaves, you will be left with his mess.

5. Stay informed – You should know what is going on even if you do not fully understand it. At least have an idea of how your server is being improved, managed, and protected.